Quick Cash Now

Quick Cash Now

Quick Cash Now and Payday Advance Loans are offered here by Payday Advance Ltd and designed to help you out when you run out of cash between pay days. We will always be there when you need us most.*

This is a New Zealand service for use by New Zealand residents only.


Quick Cash Now*

Fast Cash 24/7, Confidential and Secure


Do you need a Quick Cash Now loan and your payday is too far away? We all need a helping hand from time to time.

You are not alone - we have provided thousands of customers a Quick Cash Now Loan when they found themselves in exactly that situation.

If you find yourself in need of Quick Cash you can get it now with a Payday Loan from Payday Advance.*

Remember a Quick Cash Loan from Payday Advance will get the cash in your account the same day removing stress from your life.

Have you ever applied for a loan with a Bank or Finance Company and been frustrated with the time it take - So have we - We know the banks can be slow to approve emergency loans - that's where Payday Advance can help and get you Quick Cash Now*

The good news is you can do it all securely online 24/7 - no need to visit a store or bank and wait in line only to be told it will take a day or two to approve you - we send you loan docs in 10 minutes from completing the simple online application.


Quick Cash Now Loans are all processed online using our secure system. Approved loans are paid the same day. If you have Bad credit that's ok we understand and often we can still help.

No matter the occasion, a Cash Now loan from Payday Advance can provide you up to $750.*

Getting Cash Now is easy!

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*All loan applications are subject to the lenders lending criteria and the lenders final approval (at their sole discretion).


Please note all reference to Payday type loans are designed for short term needs only. Before taking a Payday type loan we suggest you ensure your affordability by completing a budget. This budget link may be helpful.

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